Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

The Noble French SCENT HOUND


Known as the Kings white hounds


Griffon like hounds have been around in France for centuries, and have always been prized for their hunting abilities. While the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen was not fully developed as an individual breed until the the late 19th century, this breed still has ancient roots. Still used today in France as hunting dogs for hare, roe deer, and wild boar—these hounds are still a truly functional with a working purpose. Many lines today still incorporate current & modern hunting lines, and in France a GBGV can not become a champion without a working ticket as proof of their use in the field. These noble hounds have found lots of success in the conformation world as well, with the typical noble & outgoing temperament and carriage being perfect for the show ring.


 Key points to owning a GBGV

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 GBGV’s are not for everyone.


We strongly encourage you if you are considering adding a Grand Basset to your family to meet one in real life, and get to know as much about the breed as possible. Contact breeders, and discuss breed traits with them. While some can be calm and loving, they are all still hounds and have a certain level of need for an energy outlet—and a puppy Grand needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation! Here are some key points about the breed:

  • Happy, outgoing, and independent, there hounds make for fantastic companions for the right home.

  • They need a good amount of daily Physical and Mental Exercise. If you don’t provide it, they will find it themselves. They were bred to work all day, and would be happy to do so!

  • A good sense of humor is a must with these hounds! They are goofy, and constantly doing things you will never quite understand.

  • Grooming, is not too difficult—but still a requirement. In order for your GBGV to stay healthy, it is quite important to maintain the coat properly.

  • These hounds generally still have a high prey drive, and will happily go where ever their nose takes them. a fenced environment is a must, as well as training a consistent recall from puppy hood.

  • Generally easy going and laid back, they can make for great house pets when given the right outlets.

  • Free with voice is in the standard for a reason! If you don’t enjoy your dog talking with you—then a Grand might not be the right breed for you.


 Want to learn more?

the AKC website is also a great resource to learn more about Grands!

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