Grand basset Griffon Vendeen Club of AMERICA

est. 2013

ABOUT The Club

The Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America (GBGVCA) was created to help establish and legitimatize the breed in America in 2013, with the goal of getting the breed approved for full registration with the American Kennel Club. As the designated breed club, the GBGVCA plays an important role as the standard keeper and preservation of this rare French scent hound in the United States. As well, they are the ones who dictate what health testing is necessary to preserve this breed for many generations to come. In addition to the care of the breed, it is also the GBGVCA that is unifying community to promote this breed in the United States in healthy and ethical manner—ensuring that these hounds are responsibly cared for for the life of the dog.

Since the full acceptance of the GBGV into the AKC Hound Group in January 2018, the attention has turned to ensuring the public is fully educated on this breed, and to further promote the healthy breeding and participation of GBGV’s in all avenues of performance and conformation. In addition, to be a resource for individuals looking for more information about this breed.

Board of Directors

Corey BeneDict—President

Betty Barth—VIce President

Barbara Miller—Secretary

Brent Humphrey—Treasurer

Gail Sievert—Director Class of 2020

Laura Offerdahl—Director Class of 2019

Barbara Pepper—Director Class 2020

Cindy Wilt—Director Class of 2019

Kitty Steidel—Director Class of 2020




Awards – Barbara Miller, Chair; Bryan Helvey
Breed Standard - Betty Barth; Corey Benedict; Kitty Steidel
Companion Events – Judy Wickliffe; Jean Finnegan
Events - Corey Benedict, Chair; Cathy Miskelly-Benedict; Joy Schneider
Health - Bryan Helvey, Chair; Betty Barth; Brent Humphrey; Kathryn Schini
Historian - Karen Meldrum, Chair; Barbara Miller
Legislative – Denise Parker, Chair
Public Education/Meet the Breeds - Brent Humphrey, Chair; Betty Barth
Membership – Bryan Helvey, Chair; Brent Humphrey
Newsletter –Tiffany Cannon, Chair; Rodney Jones; Brent Humphrey
Nominating (2016) – Rodney Jones, Chair; Lara Latshaw; Jill Neuschaefer
Policies & Procedures - Brent Humphrey, Chair; Rodney Jones; Kitty Steidel
Rescue – Cindy Wilt, Chair; Deborah Howd; Lora Megli; Susan Wyle
Social Media – Katherine Kellum, Chair; Rodney Jones, Betty Barth
Sunshine – Jill Otto, Chair
Website - Katherine Kellum, Chair; Sheryl Bradbury


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