While there was an email sent to all current members of the GBGVCA, here you can also find all the information on how to enter this years Calendar Contest to benefit the GBGVCA Foundation. Please follow this link to pay for entries.

1.The whole membership will vote on the winning pictures. GBGV photos only – no other dog breeds, please.

 2.There will be 6 categories, with the top two winners from each category going into the calendar, plus, a separate category for the cover. The categories will be:

  • Humor

  • Holidays

  • Puppies

  • Dogs in Nature

  • Activities (rally, agility, therapy work, lure coursing, nose work, etc.)

  • Inter-species photos (GBGV and parrot, GBGV and rabbit, GBGV and horse, etc.) And, this year, as a change, dog and child will be considered too!

  • Cover photo (winner will also get a month of their own)

  • (Rainbow Bridge dogs’ photos also welcome)

 If we have an overabundance of good photos in certain categories, we may rearrange this plan at the end. These categories are therefore quite LOOSE as far as final types of pictures that show up in the final calendar.

 3. FIVE photos per person can be submitted, and the charge is $5.00 each, to be paid to the PayPal account.

 4. If professional photos are submitted a release or proof of use must be provided.
NEW: Photos less than 300 dpi are accepted.  They need to be taken horizontally/landscape.  They should be as high quality as possible.  I can test photos within the program to make sure they work and let you know if they do not.

 5. Make sure photos are taken horizontally/landscape.  Not vertical/portrait. NO PHOTOS TAKEN WITH earlier IPHONES will work, and your photo will be turned away.

 6. Please be sure to submit the photos in a jpeg format.

 7. Please submit your photos to Lara at, with the proper category! Please be sure to say whether you are entering the Humor, Holiday, etc. category for each photo, or she will have to make assumptions about where they fit best. Also be sure to give an explanation if necessary, such as Agility Trial, etc.

 8. The voting site or email will have pictures submitted for review, so people can see them in color and up close and then vote. Stay tuned for info on where to see the pics later, once they are all up for viewing.

 9. The voting link will be emailed to all members and posted on the GBGVCA website.

 10. Photos should NOT include the name of the dog or owner or event on the photo itself but should be submitted with the email so we can add that in later in credits at the back of the calendar.

 11. Photos MAY be submitted even if they have already been used on social media.

 12. ONLY ONE WINNING PHOTO PER OWNER. The Calendar Committee reserves the right to be sure a good representation of owners/winners is selected. In other words, if one photographer wins too many categories, we will go to the second winner just to be fair, as some of our members are super photographers and could win everything! We want lots of variety in terms of members represented on the calendar, so feel free to submit even if you are not an experienced photographer

 13. The Board would like this calendar ready to buy by Thanksgiving, so the final submission deadline is October 1. We got no snow pics last year, so feel free to use a variety of seasons in your submissions

 14.TIPS: focus on the dog in your pics, close ups with uncluttered backgrounds work best, nature, etc. Look at last year’s calendar to see the winners.

 Really important: The ratio on the digital camera MUST be set as close as possible to 8x11 to work with the calendar. If you don't know how to choose the ratio, call customer service of your camera maker. If the pics are too small, we cannot use them in the calendar.

If you have an IPHONE, remember that these pics must be wide enough to fit to an 8 x 11 calendar size. So, don’t take a photo that is too narrow, or we won’t be able to use it for that reason. A few of us, myself included, were lucky last year because Susan Ily was able to make borders. This year she is too busy for that very time - consuming task, so photos MUST be wide enough and tall enough - give us plenty of space to work with on top, bottom, and side around the central image of the photo.